Workaround MX Master pairing with High Sierra

Apparently High Sierra has well complained issues with bluetooth. My Logitech MX Master mouse also suffers from random disconnection. Today when I tried to disable bluetooth and reconnect, the mouse just won’t connect.

So I deleted it from MBP’s bluetooth devices, and found out that MX Master cannot pair any more again. Just like some other guys’ video shows, it keeps connecting and disconnecting when pairing.

My old tricks in Yosemite did not work again,  resetting the bluetooth module and remove all devices got no help after restarting the machine. Finally a glimpse of some words in some forum threads googled just saved my morning: complete shutdown, not restart.

Oddly enough, after a shutdown and fresh booting, my 10.13.6 High Sierra successfully pairs with MX Master!

Fix to delete time machine backups for no-responding finder

Just compelled to upgrade to OSX High Sierra, because XCode 9.3 is only available for 10.13 to support development over iOS 11.3!  The system seems quite the same except for the new ridiculous Chinese Translation of UI.

As usual, a Time Machine backup was made before the upgrade. But since NAS disk is quite full, some history backups need to be deleted after everything runs OK. Well, the new finder is frozen during the Time Machine deleting process and un-escapable from that UI. After a hard reboot and some googling, the following steps might help:

  1. connect to target Time Machine Sparse Bundle
  2. ensure that /Volumes/Time Machine Backup/Backups.backupdb shows
  3. sudo tmutil delete /Volumes/Time Machine Backup/Backups.backupdb/YOUR-MAC/SOME-DATES
  4. eject Sparse Bundle
  5. sudo hdiutil compact TARGET-SPARSE-BUNDLE