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  • Workaround MX Master pairing with High Sierra

    Apparently High Sierra has well complained issues with bluetooth. My Logitech MX Master mouse also suffers from random disconnection. Today when I tried to disable bluetooth and reconnect, the mouse just won’t connect. So I deleted it from MBP’s bluetooth devices, and found out that MX Master cannot pair any more again. Just like some […]

  • Fix MX Master Mouse Lag and Freeze Caused By Stuck Thumb Button

    First thought is the bluetooth problem: tried everything related but not working at all. After a few trial and inspection, it seems that the thumb button of MX Master (located at side and pushed down by the thumb finger) is stuck, causing the mouse pointer not able to move smoothly. Disabling the thumb side button […]

  • MX Master bluetooth pair problem with Yosemite

    Just bought the latest Logitech MX Master mouse, which is quite powerful for Yosemite to natively support Mission Control and Spaces with its mouse gesture button, together¬†with the interesting Smart Shift scrolling feature. But also encountered the problem of pairing it with my MBP Retina on Yosemite 10.10.3. One discussion thread in the logitech forum […]