Tag: OS X

  • Workaround Motu audio driver crash in Monterey

    After upgraded from Big Sur to Monterey, my MBP has issues with Motu audio driver, especially when using Video Chat apps. The audio driver crashes when video chat app launches, without any sound playing out at all. The console has such crash log for the MOTUCoreUACAudioServerPlugin: abort() called terminating with uncaught exception of type boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<std::runtime_error> […]

  • Disable BTT accessibility popup

    Just updated BetterTouchTool to V2.645, finding that the accessibility permission popup cannot be dismissed. The close icon at the right corner of the popup panel is just missing. Luckily, BTT can work well for touch/click functions without those accessibility permissions. After some searching around, one github issue comment has the way to diable the popup: […]

  • Workaround MX Master pairing with High Sierra

    Apparently High Sierra has well complained issues with bluetooth. My Logitech MX Master mouse also suffers from random disconnection. Today when I tried to disable bluetooth and reconnect, the mouse just won’t connect. So I deleted it from MBP’s bluetooth devices, and found out that MX Master cannot pair any more again. Just like some […]

  • Fix to delete time machine backups for no-responding finder

    My MacBookPro was forced to upgrade to High Sierra, because XCode 9.3 is only available on 10.13 to support development for iOS 11.3. The new operating system looks quite the same, except the ridiculous wordings of the Chinese translation of system UI. As usual, I made a Time Machine backup before the upgrade. Since my […]

  • Fix MBP High Kernel_Task CPU in Sierra

    Just encounter a strange high cpu problem of kernel_task in Sierra on my rMBP. It means that the kernel_task process is having more than 80% CPU usage in the process monitor. At first, it seems like some software problems, especially when atom editor is opened with a super long starting time. After closing atom, it […]

  • Fix 10.11.4 mysterious trackpad reset problem after reboot

    Just encountered a mysterious problem after upgraded to 10.11.4 that every time MBP reboots and logins, my trackpad settings like tap-to-click are lost. It’s mysterious because during the very beginning time after login it worked as normal, but a few minutes later trackpad settings were reset automatically. It also affected the Mac AirPlay to AppleTV which […]

  • Fix 10.11 key chain prompt with deny only

    Just encounter a strange problem of key chain access. When prompting for access to credentials, the dialog can only be dismissed by Deny. In the console, “Ignoring user action since the dialog has received events from an untrusted source” was logged. According to this post, 10.11.1 contains a security patch to prevent synthetic clicks on keychain […]

  • Fix broken miredo in El Capitan

    OSX 10.11 introduced System Integrity Protection feature protecting the /usr/sbin folder, which will break existing miredo functionality to connect teredo tunnels. Steps to fix it: Copy/move upgrade-migrated miredo command line tools from /Library/SystemMigration/History/Migration-XXX/QuarantineRoot/usr/sbin/ to /usr/local/sbin Edit /Library/LaunchDaemons/miredo.plist to use new /usr/local/sbin/miredo instead of /usr/sbin/miredo Re-enable miredo in prefpane Since El Capitan also force kernel driver signing, if your […]

  • Fix safari or chrome scroll lagging in Yosemite

    Just found some lagging when scrolling content in Chrome/Safari, especially after a few scrolls, the web page will pause about 0.5s then leap to the target position, which is quite annoying. After a few google around and testing, the Better Touch Tool v0.9995 is found to be the culprit. After disable it, all browsing returns […]

  • add route and dns for VPN connection in Mac

    VPN now becomes a ubiquitous way for climbing over GFW in China. However, once the Mac is connected with VPN and sends traffic thru it , VPN’s dns and route setting will take priority over the default network settings, which sometimes is quite inconvenient for fast accessing local sites and using other dedicated network like ipv6. […]