Tag: Catalina

  • Fix configd and systemuiserver high cpu problem

    I encountered a strange problem of high CPU from configd and SystemUIServer process in Catalina, which made the fan boosting up with enormous noises. Just killing these processes won’t help. And googling also doesn’t get much info. Configd is the system configuration process, while SystemUIServer is the UI handling process. Apparently, something that needs to […]

  • Enable HiDPI for 1080p External Display with MBP

    HiDPI is just like what the MBP internal “Retina” screen does. It uses 4x resolution to render, and projects the rendered pixels to the target lower resolution on external monitor, which will show much sharper texts and images. So for 1080p HiDPI, it actually renders at 4320p, and shows at 1080p (4 pixel to 1 […]