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  • WinToGo 10 with a thunderbolt drive on MBP 2018

    There is a good article for WinToGo setup on MBP2018, along with this article and my old post for MBP2012, but they are all just good for USB drives only. If you want to do a Win2Go with a thunderbolt3 drive, several days of rebooting is ahead. Firstly, WinToUsb won’t list thunderbolt drives, making it […]

  • WinToGo 8.1 on rMBP mid 2012

    This blog has detail instructions to install USB WinToGo for Mac. But things won’t go that smooth on pre-2013 rMBP. Firstly, diskpart from Windows cmd within Virtual Machine seems to have limitations, especially for Win8.1. Partitioning can work sometime but formatting will probably¬†fail. Therefore, diskutil in Mac is the solution for disk handling. But another […]