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  • Fix Safari Open External Link in Existing Tab Group

    When using Safari’s Tab Group, there’s an annoying behavior that it always opens external link in a new window’s new tab instead of in an existing tab group. Specifically, a new Safari window will prompt out when clicking some links in Mail or other Apps. There’re quite a few Safari settings that won’t fix it. […]

  • Workaround VMWare Fusion 12 High CPU

    I upgraded VMWare Fusion to version 12 in Big Sur lately. But the vmware-vmx process for the Windows guest system will take 150+ %CPU. Googling a bit that updating vmware tools seems not the solution, this forum thread and the origin source thread looks promising but actually doesn’t help. After a few trials, disable Hypervisor […]

  • Switch to VSCode from Atom

    Atom as a code editor just becomes slower and slower with the burden of massive plugins, requiring near 15s on my MBP to initially display file contents. In comparison, VSCode with similar extensions just takes 5s to show text upon launch. There must be some underlying architectural issues in the Atom startup process, as both […]

  • Workaround PyDrive in Google DataLab

    Encounter a strange problem to load PyDrive in Google DataLab: –> 141 @_helpers.positional(3) 142 def run_flow(flow, storage, flags=None, http=None): 143 “””Core code for a command-line application. AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘positional’ Of course, no apparent results and solutions in google. But after a few trying, there is a workaround to load it properly: […]

  • Setup Test Analytics on GAE with Google Apps Account

    Test Analytics is a quite good project from Google for testing analysis practice. It is open sourced at However the documentation is quite limited and not straight forward for configuration and setup. Just spend quite a few hours to make it run on GAE with Google Apps account. Here is the  steps: Create target GAE […]

  • sunpinyin compile problem in Lion 10.7

    Just encounter some build problem in 10.7 with latest sunpinyin git: 1)when compiling xib there’s a warning says TableViewColumns identifier expects NSString in 10.7, it could be fixed by manually set the TableViewColumn’s identifier to a string in Interface Builder. And note: manually set the english version xib, the zh_CN version will be auto generated […]

  • fix adium spotlight log search

    For Adium 1.4.2, the chat transcript log doesn’t appear in spotlight search result even though the word is exactly in the chat logs. Yeah, it’s no big deal, but a bit annoyance, especially when Adium’s own transcript search won’t return good results. After some research, a few tryouts were taken: Using mdimport to force spotlight […]

  • QSB 2.0.3789 services plugin

    It’s quite sad that QSB (Google Quick Search Box) doesn’t update anymore, according to this thread, it goes to maintain mode. QSB is quite intuitive and allows mutlibyte/unicode text input that Quick Silver lacks, and if you have the services plugin to utilize OSX’s services, you can almost do anything with QSB in Mac like with […]

  • VC6 IDE的选项对话框显示中文字体

    花了几个小时,终于解决了中文版VC6的选项对话框的字体显示问题。不知道为什么总是把中文字显示成黑色的方块,很多项目编译设置都不知道是什么,只能靠经验猜,虽然不影响使用,但很麻烦。 google了一下,发现了注册表 HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftDevStudio6.0Format,可是设了一遍黑体,基本没用。唯一有区别的是workspace,原先的黑色方块,显示出中文项目名称了。至少是有了头绪,是字体问题。可是怎么把对话框里的字体给改了呢? 找了半天,除了上面的注册表,彻底淹没在怎么用VC6对话框做中文编程的无效信息里,难道竟要手工去改Devstudio IDE的资源库? 再回过头仔细研究,发现对话框缺省用的等宽字体也颇为巧妙。原来是win3.1就开始有的点阵字体,但到win2000以后变成一种映射,在简体中文平台下,缺省是映射到宋体simsun.ttc里。而为了屏幕显示Clear Type,曾把缺省的系统宋体手工换成了雅黑字体。而网上的介绍提到了一句,这可能会对某些Fixedsys字体显示带来问题。估计就是这个了,这个雅黑很可能不支持等宽显示,所以中文都变成了黑方块。 于是找到下了个所谓带点阵的豪华版雅黑,替换掉原来的那个,重启,这次果然解决了,可以显示中文字了。不过Clear Type又没了,而且中英文那个难看阿,不忍卒视。没办法,还是麻烦点,再换回来,手工自己做映射。好在原先的宋体还备份了simsun_old.ttc。把HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionFontLinkSystemLink,和HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFontAssocAssociated DefaultFonts 都给设成simsun_old.ttc,再重启。 总算过得去了。