QSB 2.0.3789 services plugin

It’s quite sad that QSB (Google Quick Search Box) doesn’t update anymore, according to this thread, it goes to maintain mode. QSB is quite intuitive and allows mutlibyte/unicode text input that Quick Silver lacks, and if you have the services plugin to utilize OSX’s services, you can almost do anything with QSB in Mac like with QuickSilver’s plugins. Especially, you can add your custom services with automator and apple script! However, the promised 2.0.3789 compatible services.hgs plugin might not come in a foreseeable future.

Well, Do It Yourself.

Just spent some efforts last week in figuring out how to make the old mkhl plugin to work in QSB 2.0. Although not well documented, QSB service plugin works finally. Thanks to mkhl and qsb-mac’s good coding. You can now download the release version from my following link.  In order to avoid constantly read service info, this plugin load info upon start, therefore restart QSB to load service info if new service is installed.

If you find QSB useful, you may also contribute to it and provide bugfixes. Have fun for the updated services plugin on QSB 2.0.3789!

release version of service.hgs for QSB 2.0.3789


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