Fix iPhone Battery Drain Over Night

After updated to iOS 14.7.1, my iPhone encountered severe battery drain over night, dropping almost 60-70% battery. Tried to disable all kinds of background activity: Siri, Find my phone, Email, Music, …, nothing worked. The battery graph showed nothing was going on during the night, but still drained like a severe slant slope. The battery health even hit 79%, indicating need for replacement service.

The almighty Google of one thread in Apple forum finally saved my phone from a week of battery pain: Resetting the network. Yes, after doing that, it just takes 5% the juice for one night.

Just incredible.

Update: Also encounter problem unable to charge after the iPhone 13 event. Turns out that some dust stuck in the plug hole prevents the charging. Brush it out with a long brush (toothbrush is not deep enough), then charging will work normally.


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