Category: Tips

  • Fix Safari Open External Link in Existing Tab Group

    When using Safari’s Tab Group, there’s an annoying behavior that it always opens external link in a new window’s new tab instead of in an existing tab group. Specifically, a new Safari window will prompt out when clicking some links in Mail or other Apps. There’re quite a few Safari settings that won’t fix it. […]

  • Workaround Motu audio driver crash in Monterey

    After upgraded from Big Sur to Monterey, my MBP has issues with Motu audio driver, especially when using Video Chat apps. The audio driver crashes when video chat app launches, without any sound playing out at all. The console has such crash log for the MOTUCoreUACAudioServerPlugin: abort() called terminating with uncaught exception of type boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<std::runtime_error> […]

  • Improve Raspberry Audio Latency

    For the previous post of setup Karaoke with Sonos Beam, there’s a Raspberry with Behringer USB audio interface to do the ADC job. Because the digital Toslink only outputs signal when it’s driven to do so, some high level audio stack would be some prerequisite. Otherwise, the optical sends out no sound by default. PulseAudio […]

  • Fix configd and systemuiserver high cpu problem

    I encountered a strange problem of high CPU from configd and SystemUIServer process in Catalina, which made the fan boosting up with enormous noises. Just killing these processes won’t help. And googling also doesn’t get much info. Configd is the system configuration process, while SystemUIServer is the UI handling process. Apparently, something that needs to […]

  • Enable HiDPI for 1080p External Display with MBP

    HiDPI is just like what the MBP internal “Retina” screen does. It uses 4x resolution to render, and projects the rendered pixels to the target lower resolution on external monitor, which will show much sharper texts and images. So for 1080p HiDPI, it actually renders at 4320p, and shows at 1080p (4 pixel to 1 […]

  • WinToGo 10 with a thunderbolt drive on MBP 2018

    There is a good article for WinToGo setup on MBP2018, along with this article and my old post for MBP2012, but they are all just good for USB drives only. If you want to do a Win2Go with a thunderbolt3 drive, several days of rebooting is ahead. Firstly, WinToUsb won’t list thunderbolt drives, making it […]

  • Fix Office365 Activation 0xD000FFFE error

    Just migrated my old rMBP 2012 to new MBP 2018. With the help of Migration Assistant, everything seems as good as the old one, except that Office365 is not activated. When activating Office, it will always fail, reporting some unknown error 0xD0000FFFE. It seems that the existing license was not correctly migrated. After some Googling, […]

  • Disable BTT accessibility popup

    Just updated BetterTouchTool to V2.645, finding that the accessibility permission popup cannot be dismissed. The close icon at the right corner of the popup panel is just missing. Luckily, BTT can work well for touch/click functions without those accessibility permissions. After some searching around, one github issue comment has the way to diable the popup: […]

  • Workaround MX Master pairing with High Sierra

    Apparently High Sierra has well complained issues with bluetooth. My Logitech MX Master mouse also suffers from random disconnection. Today when I tried to disable bluetooth and reconnect, the mouse just won’t connect. So I deleted it from MBP’s bluetooth devices, and found out that MX Master cannot pair any more again. Just like some […]

  • Fix to delete time machine backups for no-responding finder

    My MacBookPro was forced to upgrade to High Sierra, because XCode 9.3 is only available on 10.13 to support development for iOS 11.3. The new operating system looks quite the same, except the ridiculous wordings of the Chinese translation of system UI. As usual, I made a Time Machine backup before the upgrade. Since my […]