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  • Fix Mac App Store An Error Has Occurred

    Fix Mac App Store An Error Has Occurred

    Just encountered a frustrating problem when updating Numbers in the Mac App Store. There’s “an error has occurred” message in the Updates list as well as Purchased app list for Numbers after a seemingly success but actual fail update. Then, opening Numbers app will fail, showing an alert that the app is still updating. Go […]

  • fix himedia player to add nas files into media library

    My HiMedia 910a player doesn’t support adding nas files (samba/nfs) into its media library. Browsing thru folders is quite tedious for media enjoy time. And 900 series players seem auto overwrite some system files when booting. Therefore customize your own firmware is the choice. Following is the solution after two days of search and configuration: […]

  • Setup Test Analytics on GAE with Google Apps Account

    Test Analytics is a quite good project from Google for testing analysis practice. It is open sourced at However the documentation is quite limited and not straight forward for configuration and setup. Just spend quite a few hours to make it run on GAE with Google Apps account. Here is the  steps: Create target GAE […]

  • add route and dns for VPN connection in Mac

    VPN now becomes a ubiquitous way for climbing over GFW in China. However, once the Mac is connected with VPN and sends traffic thru it , VPN’s dns and route setting will take priority over the default network settings, which sometimes is quite inconvenient for fast accessing local sites and using other dedicated network like ipv6. […]

  • Fix TimeMachine on Buffalo LS-CHLv1

    Since Lion, the TimeMachine support on the Buffalo LinkStation LS-CHL v1.0 was broken because the new Netatalk protocol is now used in Lion TimeMachine backup process which is not compatible with the old NAS firmware’s atalk version. With such a long time passing, Buffalo only updates a few products’ firmware (including LS-CHL v2.0) to support […]

  • sunpinyin compile problem in Lion 10.7

    Just encounter some build problem in 10.7 with latest sunpinyin git: 1)when compiling xib there’s a warning says TableViewColumns identifier expects NSString in 10.7, it could be fixed by manually set the TableViewColumn’s identifier to a string in Interface Builder. And note: manually set the english version xib, the zh_CN version will be auto generated […]

  • Fix QSB Freeze with Lion

    Google Quick Search Box will freeze in OS X Lion and alloc huge memory if you input long words in search box. Only forcing to kill the QSB process could free up the memory, which makes QSB almost unusable in Lion. After a few trials and thoughts, I found that the issue seems related to […]

  • Lion Upgrade Issues

    Missing ~/Library folder in Finder: Use “chflags nohidden ~/Library” in terminal to show it back QSB huge memory alloc bug for more than 4 words input: NO FIX yet, disable spotlight plugin to work around XCode 4.1 launch crash: install standalone iTunes 10.4 after install XCode 4.1 3 finger swipe crash chrome/terminal/…: remove AirKeysInputManager.bundle from […]

  • fix adium spotlight log search

    For Adium 1.4.2, the chat transcript log doesn’t appear in spotlight search result even though the word is exactly in the chat logs. Yeah, it’s no big deal, but a bit annoyance, especially when Adium’s own transcript search won’t return good results. After some research, a few tryouts were taken: Using mdimport to force spotlight […]

  • QSB 2.0.3789 services plugin

    It’s quite sad that QSB (Google Quick Search Box) doesn’t update anymore, according to this thread, it goes to maintain mode. QSB is quite intuitive and allows mutlibyte/unicode text input that Quick Silver lacks, and if you have the services plugin to utilize OSX’s services, you can almost do anything with QSB in Mac like with […]